FlightLookup's core strength lies in its management of airline schedules data and related ancillary information.  This includes worldwide minimum connect times, flight itineraries, aircraft type, airline codes, city/airport codes with latitude/longitude co-ordinates, and time zones. 

    Our extensive library of Web Services APIs utilizes this information and provides a powerful platform for developing sophisticated applications requiring flight related schedule data. Whether you are a software company developing products for sale or an in-house developer, the FlightLookup APIs are unmatched in terms of breadth and richness of information. Our development APIs and documentation will get you up to speed quickly, enabling shorter development cycles.

    Our Web Services Value:

    • XML support over HTTP
    • Dynamic routing engine
    • Global schedules (any origin or destination world-wide)
    • Information updated: updated weekly or monthly
    • No need to develop your own connection building algorithms
    • Accelerate the delivery of a flight lookup solution to your customers
    • Ability to use the same information for your website, mobile device, PDFs, and printed schedules
    • Reduce IT infrastructure costs
    • Scalability built-in