FlightLookup Timetable

    Access our worldwide schedules including low cost carriers and build connections using the dynamic connections engine. If you are looking for airline schedules to provide timetables this is the service for you.

    • Origin and Destination
    • Worldwide passenger airline flight schedules
    • Single Day, 7 day and Multi-day lookups
    • Search criteria includes: Time/Airline/Interline/Number of Routes/Number of Connections, etc
    • Route Information
    • Detail Segment Information

    FlightLookup Airport Timetable

    Find all the flights to or from an airport. Ideal service if you are an airport or providing a timetable for airports. Want to know to get to a airport or from an airport you will need this service.

    • All flights into and out of Airport
    • Worldwide passenger airline flight schedules
    • Single Day, 7 day and Multi-day lookups

    FlightLookup Flight Metadata

    Need to know the details of a flight or its route then this is a quick lookup service.

    • Metadata on Specific Flight
    • Arrive, Depart, Times, Days of operation, Operating Carrier, Terminal

    FlightLookup Codeshare

    Need to know who is operating a flight to let your customers where to check in or if they can upgrade, this is a quick lookup service.

    • Operating carrier information based on Marketing Flight Number
    • Operating Carrier IATA code, Operating Carrier Flight Number

    FlightLookup Route Service

    Want to know the regular service between two airports over a date range?

    • Returns information for a specific route over a range of dates
    • Flight Number, Origin, Destination, Times, Start Date End Date

    FlightLookup Terminal Info

    Answer the most frequently asked question by frequent travelers – “what terminal do I go to?”

    • Returns Terminal Information
    • Flight Number, Arrival Terminal, Depart Terminal, Operating Carrier